Friday, December 6, 2013

Frozen - Youngest of 13 seeks suitable thron... erm, wife

So there is Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, right?
What a douche.

Spoilers aside, however, I couldn't help but catch a reference here to a folktale that has a special place in my heart (and repertoire). It is probably an unintentional reference, but I spotted it, so it counts, because I said so.

Said story is known as The King of the Frozen Lands (I usually call it Kingdoms of Ice and Fire), and it is a Hungarian folktale, with versions recorded from South Hungary's German speaking (!) Swabian communities. The tale starts out with the youngest of twelve princes realizing that there is no place or job for him in his home, so he sets out specifically seeking a kingdom that has no prince, hoping to marry his way onto a throne (!). Crossing several kingdoms, he finally ends up in the Kingdom of Fire, where the king promises him the hand of his only daughter - provided he defeats the hostile King of Ice before the wedding. Oops.
The story is long, intriguing, and one of my favorites to tell, especially in the winter. Without giving all of it away here (would take a lot of typing) I'll just throw in the fact that the prince, who in the folktale is NOT a douche, is told by the usual magical helpers that he is on his own until he proves his worth with an act of bravely and sacrifice. Guess what, he finally wins their help when he is turned into a statue of solid ice, trying to defeat the evil King of Ice.


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  1. Hello, do you happen to know of an English transnationale ecosystemen of The King of the Fris en Lands?
    Rob Vanderwildt, Antwerp