Sunday, September 9, 2012

THE BIG BANG THEORY - Monkeys and Princesses

While re-watching Season 1 of Big Bang with my roommate, I came across Sheldon's favorite childhood storybook called the Monkey and the Princess. There was a neat little plug about storytelling in there, so I thought, let's look it up.
Well, bad news is, the story or the book doesn't actually exist (go figure, a show where the physics is always correct can't come up with a real folktale). The good news is, there is still stuff to spot!

For starters, here is an Indonesian folktale about a princess and a monkey. I came across it earlier when I was looking for folktales about hair. Long story.

Here is another one from Indonesia. Princesses and monkeys apparently go well together.

Also, Panchali is not actually a name, but a title, and it features in the Mahabharatha as the title of a real legendary princess. Now that's a story worth reading and telling!

And then here is a monkey and princess tale from the Philippines. Sounds like a version of Hans my Hedgehog.

Not really what Sheldon had in mind, but I like it so I'm going to include it anyway, there is the fight between the Monkey King and Princess Iron Fan in Journey to the West. Makes for great telling!

Also, let's not forget Hanuman and his role in rescuing the princess in the Ramayana!

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