Tuesday, September 18, 2012

REVOLUTION - Bringing back the light

After watching the first episode of Revolution last night, and shortly before the power went out in the neighborhood (guerilla marketing on a city scale? Well played, NBC...) I started thinking about spotting opportunities in this brand new show. Once again I am thankful this is not a review blog, because I don't have to spend time... well, reviewing the show, so let's get straight down to spotting.
I have to admit, I will need some practice before spotting gets easier. I always start thinking about the characters and their relationships first; and after I turned that around in my head a number of times, the penny finally dropped, and I realized I do not have to look any further than the basic concept of the whole show:

The light went out, and we need it back.

And this, dear everyone, is a very, very old fear of humankind. Long before electricity (and Google) was ever invented, we were afraid of being left in the dark to fend for ourselves. And there was always a hero when we needed one that set out on a journey to bring us back the stolen light.
Let's see a short list of stories of this kind:

Raven steals the light (American Indian myth from the Pacific northwest, well known by most storytellers)
Coyote steals the fire (also American Indian, also well known)
The journey of Maleh (a folktale of the Zhuang people of China tells us about a young woman who sets out to find the stolen Sun and bring it back to the people)
Rescuing the Sun (Siberia)
Király Kis Miklós (Hungarian folktale - we have a lot of stories about stolen Sun, Moon and Stars, this is one of them. Video in Hungarian, but the pictures speak for themselves)
The Flaming Horse (Czech folktale about a dark kingdom where the only source of light is a magical horse, and it gets stolen)
Grandmother Spider brings the Light (Cherokee story, from the website of the amazing Marilyn Kinsella)
Coyote and Eagle steal the Sun and the Moon (Zuni legend)
And of course, let's not forget the Classics: remember Prometheus? (Not the movie, that one's gonna be another post)

Also, people have apparently once again resorted to archery as the coolest form of survival. Refer back to the previous post on that one.

We'll see how this journey progresses.

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  1. Kitör belőlem a sorozatjunkie, és nagyon remélem, hogy ez nálunk is hozzáférhető lesz. A többiéer tis KÖSZ! T-val már a görögöket "tapossuk"!