Monday, September 10, 2012

DOCTOR WHO - When objects revolt

So, still catching up on Season 6 of Doctor Who goodness, and got to the two-episode story about the gangers and their revolt against their makers (that would be the humans, and yes, I did warn you about spoilers, complain to Ms. Song on the right!)
The theme of objects suddenly growing a personality of course is far from being new. For one, there is our beloved Skynet, but apart from that, this story goes waaaaay back in history.

It reminded me of a nice little piece of Moche mythology right here. It is called the Revolt of the Objects and it tells us a story about man-made tools rising up against their makers.
(See how there is a wikipage for Moche pottery? Fascinating!)

Here is some more serious musing about the same topic, for those of you lucky people with access to JSTOR.

And here is a modern folklore version from Latin American Folktales. This one is child-friendly, for those who were concerned.

I realize I am spotting out on a limb here, but somehow this whole thing with the revolution also reminded me of Völundr the Smith, and how he turned on those who kept him trapped and made him work for them. Totally not safe for children, don't even try.

That's it for now, I have more Doctor Who to watch.

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